Department of Music, 
University of Taipei

The Department of Music offers both undergraduate (B.F.A.) and master programs (M.F.A., M.Ed.) with concentrations on music education, music performance and applied music. There are currently 18 full-time and about 70 part-time faculty members and nearly 300 students. The department is dedicated to cultivating future music educators, performers and music-related professionals. We provide solid training, diverse curriculum design, frequent performance opportunities and generous scholarship grants. In recent years, we have strives to strengthen our international exchange programs with renowned institutions abroad. Through a variety of activities and frequent exchange visits, students gain further experiences as preparation for the challenge of the changing world.

Study Goal I

To train skilled musical performers, promote international musical exchange, and magnify our students’ perspective and competitive ability.

Study Goal II

To train skilled teachers for all stages of general music education, develop diverse musical curricula and thus raise the quality of musical education in Taiwan.

Study Goal III

To train professionals who can combine technology and the arts, industry, and culture, and establish a firm basis of experience and results in academic-industrial cooperation.

Study Goal IV

 To instill in our students compassion for their society, and enthusiasm for participation in local arts events.

​Multiple directions

Music Education
Multiple applications of music

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